rwgray (rwgray) wrote,

In Stock!

I probably posted this to most of you already, but "In other news...", Amazon finally acknowledged having real-world stock of my book. It's a bit like trying to get the gas board to acknowledge a change-of-address notice, except that they have more customers and more third-party companies to blame.

I love the way the sales ranking drops when no-one is buying.

Statistical range (observed) between 7,406 and 330,000+

The lowest ranking I have found is around 1.5 million, but that's for a book that Amazon no longer sells. These stay on the system for third-party sellers, so the ranking slips lower every time a new title is introduced and registers its first Amazon sale. This seems irreversible. Rather sad, like watching a sweet little space probe slip out of the solar system for ever.

"Mummy, why is Daddy crying?"

"I don't think Radio Two acknowledged his press release yet, Dear."
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