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No, I'm not really whinging yet, and this is not going to be a pseudo-racist rant, thankfully. I've really enjoyed the influx of Poles and suchlike into my country. For the first time ever, I don't have to queue in shops and bars. Everything runs on time and no-one blames staff shortages. Seriously. In Brighton, at least.

And these people are not especially visible. Ok, so you see groups of young white people coming past looking unusually non-surly and non-aggressive and you wonder why, until they sound Russian.

If they were all a different colour, we'd be unable to avoid being profoundly startled by their sudden presence. Discuss.

I did once fail to rent an ex-council family-sized house because I was too slow and some Poles jumped at the chance. The landlady said she'd rather have had a local family, not least because about fifteen of them will probably move in now. I don't know how much that's her dubious sentiment and how much a fact of life for people trying to raise hard cash to go home with. Anyhow, that is my only negative on the subject so far.

I'm improvising here. Now some factoids.

The population significantly passed 60 million in the Uk, maybe last year. Projecting a decade ahead, add five million. Never mind beyond that. Half the change comes directly from net immigration. The rest comes from more births than deaths, but half of that comes from youthful immigrants being fruitful. Discuss.

Family-sized houses are already so scarce here in the rented sector that if you find one that isn't horrible, isn't tiny and isn't in a deathly part of a council estate, it'll cost about £24,000 per year of your gross salary just to rent it. At a minimum. They haven't built any more for a generation; just apartments.

Adam bellows. Must go.
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