rwgray (rwgray) wrote,

Time & Motion

I recently took a short time journey to attend a Douglas Adams book-signing that I had previously missed. I took the liberty of photographing him, and the much greater liberty of showing him my Olympus Ultra-Zoom SP-510. The man was naturally impressed, although I distracted him from asking questions by pointing out that Iain Banks was about to write a short story about one of its more primitive ancestors. And that, by adding an "M" to the middle of his name, Banks would be able to pass this off as science fiction, rather than an amiably dull piece about a bloke taking a bit of a walk. I left politely with a signed volume, emploring Douglas to "write faster and forget about the f***ing movie." Oh, and not to to mention the camera. He tapped his nose conspiratorially; fresh falls of snow and rare birds were still tumbling gently from its peak as I left the bookstore.
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