rwgray (rwgray) wrote,

Comedy, isn't it?

The oddest thing that's happened to me for a while was when I bumped into Grant Cribb in my local ASDA. The fact that our Adam (aged 2) was doing the shopping for me my while I pushed Zoe (13 months) in the buggy is perfectly normal. He knows what to buy. He is mini-rainman. The right varieties of milk, the right veg, the right cereal (he finds it faster than I can).

But ol' Grarc Beeps was a bit of a surprise.

He claimed to be in Brighton for a couple of gigs by his mad brother Yeti, currently performing under the name Godfrey Cuntington, although some listings show a bowdlerised spelling.

I think the gigs on Tuesday and Wednesday qualify as part of the tail-end of the Brighton Comedy Festival Fringe.

There is a wonderful photo of Godfrey at the bottom of this page:
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